Tulsa Pressure / Power Washing

The curb appeal of a home is the first thing visitors or home buyers look for. They want what looks nice and clean. A simple way to keep your property looking like new is a power washing system on the exterior of your home and driveway. Dirt, mud, car oil and many other messes get left on your driveway and cannot be removed with soap and water. The power washing team uses high tech equipment to get rid of unwanted stains and spills and leaves your home looking like new.

Power washing gets rid of embedded dirt and grime on the floors or walls of a home or office. If your office building has hard to reach floors, the mobile unit from Under Pressure power washing can reach up to 5 stories of space to clean those hard to reach areas.

The owner is on hand at every service call to ensure quality service every time. His top priority of customer satisfaction guaranteed. Let the team at under pressure power washing clean your stadium floors, arena, walkways, dugouts, patios, decks, driveways or parking lots.

Contact the team at Under Pressure to learn more about the services and pricing for both commercial and residential properties.